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Price Reduction for Worldwide Dial-In Numbers

More dial-in numbers and less fees – we're very happy to announce that the charges for DCalling dial-in numbers outside Germany have been reduced up to 50%.

Feel free to have a look at all price reductions:

1,49 Cent (EUR)/minute, -50% for local dial-in number*1in Belgium, France Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Spain

0800/toll-free dial-in numbers*2
Austria landline 3.99 Cent (EUR)/minute, -25%
Austria cell 24,99 Cent (EUR)/minute, -8%
Austria phone booth 9,99 Cent (EUR)/minute, -9%
Switzerland landline 2,49 Cent (EUR)/minute, -17%
Switzerland cell 21,99 Cent (EUR)/minute, -18,52%
Switzerland phone booth 12,99 Cent (EUR)/minute, -7%
Belgium landline 3,99 Cent (EUR)/minute, -20%
China landline, cell 38,99 Cent (EUR)/minute, -15%
France landline, cell 1,99 Cent (EUR)/minute, -33%
Luxembourg landline, cell 3,19 Cent (EUR)/minute, -20%
Netherlands landline 2,99 Cent (EUR)/minute, -25%
Netherlands cell 41,99  Cent (EUR)/minute, -19%
Spain phone booth 13,99  Cent (EUR)/minute, -14%
South Korea landline, cell 6,99 Cent (EUR)/minute,-12%
Poland landline, cell 3,19 Cent (EUR)/minute, -20%

New 0800/toll-free dial-in Numbers*2
Australia landline, cell 1,99 Cent (EUR)/minute
Brazil landline, cell 21,99 Cent (EUR)/minute
Finland landline, cell 38,99 Cent (EUR)/minute
Israel landline, cell 2,49 Cent (EUR)/minute
New Zealand landline, cell 24,99 Cent (EUR)/minute
You can find all dial-in numbers and charges on and after logging in on

In case you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on 0049 221 17739610 or

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*1 Our local dial-in numbers are landline numbers and should be charged correspondingly by your provider; in case you have a flat rate for local landlines, you can usually call those numbers for free. We recommend to ask your provider for the exact charges.
*2 Most providers do not charge for calls on those numbers; the displayed price for calling the dial-in numbers is deducted from your DCalling balance. We recommend to ask your provider for the exact charges.