Who We Are

Get to know our mission and our team

DCalling is the new freedom for international communication with business clients, friends and family members. DCalling was launched in 2007 and has enabled more than 50,000 individuals and businesses to stay connected.

DCalling is a project of DALASON GmbH (Cologne, Germany), a service company specialized in IT- and telecommunication solutions. Previously the DALASON team, who acts as an outsourcing-partner for India as well, had been searching for a reasonably priced and reliable service to communicate with international business partners. However, the available calling cards or call-by-call services neither offered stable prices nor constant high-quality connections. Since the team was already specialized in telecommunication solutions and had learned about the challenges of finding affordable communication solutions in their own experience, the DALASON management consisting of Andreas Damek, Dr. Johannes von Langen, and Chung-U David Son decided to launch a project that had all the qualities which were missing on other services. DCalling is more than cheap phone calls. The DCalling team is dedicated to offer affordable communication solutions for everyone combined with high-quality service and intelligent products. The DCalling Values are:

Transparency and Stability

You pay for your phone call per minute, exactly according to the prices on our website. No minimum charge, no subscriptions, no monthly fees, no validity period, no minimum contract term, no connection fees, no hidden charges. All prices are clearly communicated on our website and announced before DCalling conversations. It is that simple.

Highest Quality

Our self-set standard is that a connection using DCalling must have the same quality as a connection using a classic telephone provider. Modern technology and redundant systems ensure that our customers can make phone calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

User-friendly Products for Everyone

Our products are designed to be intuitive and easy to use for everybody. Irrespective of your choice of phone (landline telephone, cell phone, smart phone, computer) or your location, our products ensure flexible solutions for every occasion.

We Are There for You :)

For any questions about DCalling, feel free to contact our support on Thursday between 3 pm and 4 pm GMT+1 (+49 (0)221 177 39610 German landline) or via email (support@dcalling.com).