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2. Can I use my phone with DCalling when I am in another country?

We do NOT recommend to use DCalling if you don't have a local SIM card for your phone (e.g. with a German phone outside Germany). In that case, it does not matter whether you dial a number or answer your phone. The reason are roaming fees charged by your telephone provider as soon as your phone connects with a foreign network. Since roaming costs are charged by your provider and not by DCalling, we can not include them into our price announcement.


Please check our options for avoiding roaming fees with a local SIM card or landline here.


Another way to avoid roaming fees is making phone calls via VoIP e.g. from a hotspot. For this, you can use your computer or your smartphone. Please note: with a smartphone, you need to make sure that you are not proceeding your call via mobile web. Otherwise, data roaming charges by your provider will occur.