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DCalling calling card Algeria Mobile Wataniya

Cheap phone calls with the DCalling calling card algeria mobile wataniya.

Calling Card Algeria Mobile Wataniya 59.90 Cent EUR)/Minute

You can use the DCalling calling card for algeria mobile wataniya anytime from your landline or cell phone. Our cheap calling card can be charged online and be used for callback algeria mobile wataniya, Callthrough algeria mobile wataniya, and all other DCalling features.

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General information

DCalling is a virtual calling card that can be used for cheap international phone calls to landline or cell phones. No matter where you are located, you can use DCalling for example via callback or with a dial-in number. Additionally, you can use DCalling to send free and billed text messages (SMS) to all countries and networks. You can also use DCalling to send cheap international faxes, or for setting up telephone conferences. In case you have a Fritz!Box, smart phone or IP phone, we offer various VoIP solutions to set up your phone for cheap international phone calls via Internet. There is no minimal charge or monthly fee. The DCalling calling card can easily be administrated through your online account. To use DCalling, you need to sign up for an account. After your account is created, you are assigned a free trial credit (42 Cents (EUR)) to test our service. In case you liked using DCalling, you can charge your DCalling calling card via credit card, bank transfer, direct ebanking, or Paypal. You can find more information regarding the costs for DCalling on our Pricelist.