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Als ich ein Jahr in den USA war, haben meine Eltern und ich immer DCalling benutzt, um zu telefonieren und uns SMS zu schicken. Allein so weit von zu Hause weg zu sein ist manchmal gar nicht so einfach, ich habe mich echt gefreut, dass es DCalling gab.

  Sandra W., 19, Studentin

Dial in - Get Connected (Callthrough)

To use DCalling Home, you receive a list of global dial-in numbers after your free registration. You can select the dial-in number of the country you are currently located from the menu in the login area.

These dial-in numbers are local landline numbers and are charged by your provider as such. In case you have a flat rate for the given area, the number is free of charge, of course. This is why the Flat Rate Booster offers you an especially attractive way of calling abroad, without any additional charges.

  1. Call your dial-in number. DCalling will answer your call and ask you to enter the number you wish to call.
  2. Enter the phone number and press the # key (do NOT press the green key for dialing or else your call to the destination number will be charged by your provider).

DCalling will establish the connection right away, and you can start your cheap international phone call.


Use the Flat Rate Booster from Any Phone

Just enter the phone numbers into your DCalling account (Account > Phone Numbers). In case you do not have Internet access or would like to use DCalling from a friend's phone, just call the dial-in number as usual. DCalling will verify your call by asking for your card number, which you can find in the login area at any time. You can optionally add the phone to your DCalling account by pressing 1.

Toll-free DCalling Dial-in Numbers

There are many countries where DCalling has toll-free dial-in numbers as well. Calling toll-free dial-in numbers is free of charge by many providers.* The charges for making the call will only be deducted from your DCalling balance - a perfect solution e.g. for making private phone calls from your phone at work if you want to avoid charges for your employer.

* Most providers do not charge for calls on those numbers; the displayed price for calling the dial-in numbers will be deducted from your DCalling balance. We recommend asking your provider for the exact charges.