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  Thomas Bartel

Cheap International Phone Calls with Your DNumbers

You can assign a DNumber for each of your contacts. By calling the DNumber a connection to the destination number will be established right away. We recommend creating DNumbers for all numbers you call regularly because you can not only enter the DNumbers directly on your phone but also save them in your phone's address book.

  1. Log in on www.dcalling.com and go to Mobile > DNumber.
  2. Enter the desired phone number and choose a speed dial.

The DNumber consists of your dial-in number immediately followed by the speed dial.

* Calling the DNumber establishes two connections, i.e. one to your dial-in number and another to your destination number. The complete price as charged by DCalling will be announced before each conversation by default. This announcement refers to charges by DCalling only and does not include possible charges by your provider. That is why we recommend this especially for phones with flat rate contracts.