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Geschäftsführer DCalling ist für mich und meine Mitarbeiter die perfekte Lösung für preiswerte und hochwertige Telefongespräche. Gut war auch, dass man so einfach und schnell alles für unsere Firmenhandys einrichten konnte.

  Bernd K., 28

Make Cheap International Calls with Your Fritz!Box

Set up Your Home Phone VoIP Network/Fritz!Box with Just One Click

Are you using a VoIP service? Set up your VoIP connection device (e.g. a Fritz!Box) so that you can phone abroad and/or into mobile networks saving money with DCalling.

  1. Log in on www.dcalling.com, go to Home > Fritz!Box and accept the Java Applet.
  2. Enter the password for your Fritz!Box and choose what type of conversation you would like to conduct via DCalling. Click “Configure Fritz!Box” to complete the setup.

Set up Your Fritz!Box for DCalling Manually

  1. Call up your Fritz!Box
    Enter the URL of your Fritz!Box into the address bar of your browser and enter the password of your Fritz!Box if requested. In the navigation bar on the left, click on “Settings” and select “Telephone”.
  2. Add DCalling to your Fritz!Box
    Click on "New Internet calling number" on the right and enter the following settings:

    * Activate "Internet calling number apply"

    * Internet telephone supplier: other supplier

    * Internet calling number: your DCalling SIP password*

    * User name: your DCalling user name*

    * Keyword: your Dcalling SIP password*

    * Keyword  affirmation: your DCalling SIP password*

    * Register: "sip.dcalling.de"

    * Proxy-Server: "sip.dcalling.de"

    * You can always find your SIP user name and password after logging in on www.dcalling.com at Online > VoIP Accounts SIP/IAX.

  3. Adjust your settings
    At “Telephone” select “Rules” and go to “New Rule” on the right. Now define what types of phone calls you would like to make via DCalling.

For calls abroad you select “Abroad” for Area and “Internet [Your DCalling user name]” for Connect. Please save your settings afterwards.

If you want to conduct other types of conversation via DCalling as well, just click on “New Rule” again, select “Mobile” for Area and “Internet [Your DCalling user name]" for Connect.

Please note (for Fritz!Box 7270 etc.):

Make sure that the setting for DTMF transmission is “RTP/Inband”. If necessary you can also try other settings.