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Geschäftsführer DCalling ist für mich und meine Mitarbeiter die perfekte Lösung für preiswerte und hochwertige Telefongespräche. Gut war auch, dass man so einfach und schnell alles für unsere Firmenhandys einrichten konnte.

  Bernd K., 28

Be Available All Over The World

No matter where you are – with your own DCalling landline phone number, your friends can call you on landline rate.

Order your DCalling landline phone number

  1. Log in your DCalling account and go to Landline number. Choose your billing address or add a new one.
  2. We are required by the Federal Network Agency to verify your identity when providing you with a local phone number.
    There are three ways to confirm your address:
    Snail Mail: DCalling sends you a letter with a verification code to your address. After receiving the letter go to Landline number and enter the verification code to verify your address. This verification method takes about three working days.
    Fax: You receive a letter of acknowledgment to sign and send back to DCalling. Additionally, you need to send a copy either of your ID or of your latest phone bill. This verification method takes about 24 hours.
    Online: The address will be verified online by Schufa. When using this, we have to forward your address to Schufa. Your address will then be confirmed immediately if any data are available at Schufa, that match your address.
  3. Please note: Every address verification incurs costs for DCalling. We do not charge the first address verification attempt. If the first verification fails, the address must still be verified. Therefore, we have to charge 2 EUR for every following address verification attempt.

  4. After your address is verified you can order your phone number. Within the next two days you will receive an email with your DCalling landline phone number.

How to use your DCalling landline phone number

Call forwarding
Use call forwarding to receive calls on your DCalling landline phone number from your friends around the world. To forward your call choose one of the following options:

  1. You can receive incoming calls via VoIP. Just go to Call Forwarding, choose your VoIP Account and receive incoming calls for free. This method requires an internet connection and works even if you are abroad. Therefore you can receive your call even internationally on your local national DCalling landline number.
  2. Incoming calls can also be forwarded to an external number, e.g. your cell phone number or an international number. Choose the phone number and confirm the settings.
  3. Please note: The call forwarding to an external number is charged according to the DCalling price list.

  4. You can also forward incoming calls to the mailbox. Set the time that the phone rings until the mailbox answers the call. The voicemail will be sent to your E-Mail address. The mailbox service is free.

Outbound calls
Call your friends with your DCalling landline phone number via VoIP. All you need is a VoIP-enabled smartphone or a VoIP phone. Go to Call Forwarding and choose your phone number to be sent when calling via VoIP.

Please note: The costs for calling out are charged according to the DCalling price list.