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"We offer world wide customer service via DCalling. DCalling has implemented a stable and economic solution for our call center." www.traveltrex.com

  Thomas Bartel

DCalling Mobile – Worldwide Phone Calls with Your Cell Phone

Use your cell phone to make cheap international phone calls with DCalling.

DCalling Mobile allows you to make cheap phone calls no matter where you are or what type of SIM card or phone you are using. Enjoy new possibilities of worldwide communication with DCalling!

Dial in and Get Connected
It's so easy to phone abroad – just call our local dial-in number. In case you have a national flat rate or a flat rate for the area code of our dial-in number, the dial-in is free of charge. Call DCalling and enter the desired destination number.

You Are Calling Some International Numbers on a Regular Basis?
Just assign a DNumber to each contact you would like to call and save it in your phone book. Call friends, relatives and business partners all over the world with your cell phone.

Use DCalling from Your Android Smartphone with the App FlatrateBooster
Use your flat rate to German landline numbers on your smartphone to make cheap international calls. The most comfortable way from your Android smartphone is to use the DCalling app FlatrateBooster.

Use DCalling from Your iPhone, Blackberry or Any Other Smartphone
Start saving even more money and make phone calls over the Internet from hotspots or use our comfortable app solutions. Discover the various possibilities DCalling offers for smartphones.

More flexibility -  forward calls to your phone

Forward calls to your phone with DCalling.


DCalling via Mobile Web
Use the DCalling website and features via mobile web.

Get Your Own DCalling Phone Number and Be Available Everywhere
Be available on your cellphone with a special landline number. Get your own local DCalling phone number by which you can be called everywhere without expensive fees for the caller.