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Geschäftsführer DCalling ist für mich und meine Mitarbeiter die perfekte Lösung für preiswerte und hochwertige Telefongespräche. Gut war auch, dass man so einfach und schnell alles für unsere Firmenhandys einrichten konnte.

  Bernd K., 28

Dial in, Enter Phone Number, Start Talking

After signing up with DCalling you are assigned your own personal dial-in number. By calling the dial-in number you are establishing a connection to the DCalling system and can connect to any desired destination number. You can find your personal dial-in number in your login area.  

The charges for calling your local DCalling dial-in number are equal to calling a local landline number. In case you have a flat rate for the area code of your local phone number or a national flat rate, you can call your personal dial-in number for free.

  1. Call your personal dial-in number. DCalling will answer your call and you will be asked to enter the destination number.
  2. Enter the number you wish to call abroad including the international area code and press the # key (please do not use the green key for dialing, otherwise the call will be charged by your provider!).

DCalling will connect you right away and you can start talking with the cheap DCalling rates.


Use DCalling with any phone
If you would like to use DCalling from a different phone, just enter the phone number in your DCalling account at Account > Phone Numbers. If you have no Internet access or would like to use DCalling from a friend's phone, just call your personal dial-in number as always. DCalling will ask you to enter your card number to allocate the phone to your DCalling account, after which you can proceed as usual. In case you would like to add the phone to your DCalling account permanently, simply press 1 after entering the card number.
You can find your card number after logging in.

Use DCalling with phones on which no costs are to accrue
Our 0800 numbers are free of charge by most providers and charged by DCalling for the price that is listed in your login area. When using an 0800 number, the costs therefore consist of the connection to the dial-in number as well as of the callthrough to the given destination. The corresponding price per minute is announced before each call.
Please note: Some providers may charge calls to 0800 numbers. We recommend to ask your provider beforehand.