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  Cem Özer

Save DNumbers in Your Cell Phone for Each of Your Contacts

To make calling abroad even more convenient, you can assign a DNumber for each contact and save it on your phone. To call your contact with DCalling, just dial the DNumber or select it from the saved numbers on your phone.

  1. Log in on your DCalling account and go to Mobile > DNumber. Enter the phone number you wish to call with DCalling and choose the speed dial you would like to assign to it. The DNumber consists of your personal dial-in number and the selected speed dial.
  2. You can also save the newly created DNumber in your cell phone's address book.

Please note: even though the DNumber is just a single number, it establishes two connections, i.e. a connection to the DCalling system and to your call abroad with DCalling. For the first, you are charged by your provider as you are calling a national landline number. These costs will disappear in case you have a national flat rate for landline calls. DCalling charges only for connecting to your destination number.

By the way, you can only assign DNumbers for local dial-in numbers in Germany and Austria. Instead of using DNumbers, you can also use speed dials. Just call the dial-in number. After DCalling has answered your call, enter the speed dial and confirm it with the pound key #.