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Als ich ein Jahr in den USA war, haben meine Eltern und ich immer DCalling benutzt, um zu telefonieren und uns SMS zu schicken. Allein so weit von zu Hause weg zu sein ist manchmal gar nicht so einfach, ich habe mich echt gefreut, dass es DCalling gab.

  Sandra W., 19, Studentin

Be Available no Matter Where You Are

All you need is a local SIM Card or a local connection of the country abroad you are located.


  1. Enable DCalling call forward: Log in and go to Mobile > Call Forwarding
    Caller ID: Enter the number your contacts should call
    Destination Number: The number of the phone that should ring if someone calls the number entered at “Caller ID”.
  2. Enable Call Forward on your phone: After you have entered both numbers, you will be displayed a DCalling landline phone number. Please enable a call forwarding to this number at the telephone you entered at “Caller ID”. Attention: the call forward must be enabled for ALL calls.


Billing: You are charged for a call to the destination number from your DCalling balance (for prices see  price list). If you have a flat rate for landline phone calls, usually no additional charges will occur for forwarding your phone to a landline phone number. If you are not sure, we recommend to ask your provider. The person who calls you is charged for a call to the number entered at Caller ID.