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"My family and my friends are always around me, when I am traveling for business – with DCalling!"

  Cem Özer

Be Available no Matter Where You Are

All you need is a local SIM Card or a local connection of the country abroad you are located.


  1. Enable DCalling call forward: Log in and go to Mobile > Call Forwarding
    Caller ID: Enter the number your contacts should call
    Destination Number: The number of the phone that should ring if someone calls the number entered at “Caller ID”.
  2. Enable Call Forward on your phone: After you have entered both numbers, you will be displayed a DCalling landline phone number. Please enable a call forwarding to this number at the telephone you entered at “Caller ID”. Attention: the call forward must be enabled for ALL calls.


Billing: You are charged for a call to the destination number from your DCalling balance (for prices see  price list). If you have a flat rate for landline phone calls, usually no additional charges will occur for forwarding your phone to a landline phone number. If you are not sure, we recommend to ask your provider. The person who calls you is charged for a call to the number entered at Caller ID.