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"With DCalling I can call my international clients without worrying about charges."

  Eberhard Garen

Cheap International Text Messages

  • Free SMS
    With DCalling you can send a text message to any phone in the world completely free of charge. Your message can comprise up to 124 characters and contains a short additional reference to DCalling. Every user can send 5 free SMS/day and 2 SMS/day to the same phone number.
  • Worldwide SMS for 9,9 Cent (EUR)/SMS
    In case you would like to send an SMS without reference to DCalling, your text message can contain 160 characters. Regardless of the destination, you will be charged 9,9 Cent (EUR)/SMS.
  • Long SMS
    You can also send text messages with more than 160 characters with DCalling. The amount of text messages is displayed while typing the message.
  • Sender Number
    You can use any phone number you like as your sender number (e.g. your own cell phone number), so the recipient can directly reply to your message. To use a phone number as sender number, it needs to be verified to avoid unauthorized use of your phone number. Go to Account > Phone Numbers, enter the number you would like to verify and click on “Verify Now”. You will immediately receive a call on the entered phone number asking you for a verification code. This code will be displayed on your computer screen. After entering the code you can start using your phone number as sender number.
  • Address Book
    You can save all data about a recipient in your account, so you can always choose the number from your address book and do not have to enter it manually.

Please note: It is only possible to send text messages with DCalling via Internet. However, any verified phone number can be displayed as your sender number, regardless if the SMS is free or charged.