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"With DCalling I can call my international clients without worrying about charges."

  Eberhard Garen


Send a cheap fax to any destination worldwide.

  1. Sender
    With DCalling you can send a fax either anonymously or with an activated fax number.
    To activate a fax number go to Fax > My Fax Numbers and click on “Activate”. Check your fax number and click on “Send Activation Fax Now”. You will receive a fax with an activation code, which you have to enter into the corresponding field and click on “Activate”.
  2. Recipients
    Go to Fax > Fax Recipients and enter all relevant information about the contacts you would like to send faxes to. Now you just need to select your contact from your DCalling address book when sending a fax.
  3. To send a fax go to Fax > Send Fax, enter the required data and choose when you would like to send the document. Click on “Send Fax” to confirm your entered data and send the fax at the selected time.

Prices: The base price for sending a fax is 1,9 Cent (EUR)/page + fee for destination country per page multiplied by 3. Consequently, the price calculates as follows:
3 x fee of destination country x amount of pages + 1,9 Cent (base price)
To give an example, the charges for a two-page fax to the USA are:
3 x 1,9 Cent (USA) x 2 (amount of pages) + 1,9 Cent (base price) = 13,3 Cent