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Geschäftsführer DCalling ist für mich und meine Mitarbeiter die perfekte Lösung für preiswerte und hochwertige Telefongespräche. Gut war auch, dass man so einfach und schnell alles für unsere Firmenhandys einrichten konnte.

  Bernd K., 28

Free Conference Calls

Make free conference calls worldwide with your business partners, friends, or family.

Set up and manage your conferences with your DCalling account. Arrange a conference at a unique date and time or repeat a conference at regular intervals - the perfect solution e.g. for weekly business meetings.

  1. To arrange a conference, log in on your DCalling account and go to Conference. You can select the type of conference and will be assigned a special conference number, which you can use to enter your virtual conference room.
  2. Now you can invite your participants by email or SMS (9,9 Cent (EUR)/message) to inform them about the time, the conference number and the dial-in number to connect to the conference room. Please note: any person in possession of the dial-in number and your conference number can join. Additionally, you can also call people during a conference and make them join the conversation.

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