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"My family and my friends are always around me, when I am traveling for business – with DCalling!"

  Cem Özer

Free Conference Calls

Make free conference calls worldwide with your business partners, friends, or family.

Set up and manage your conferences with your DCalling account. Arrange a conference at a unique date and time or repeat a conference at regular intervals - the perfect solution e.g. for weekly business meetings.

  1. To arrange a conference, log in on your DCalling account and go to Conference. You can select the type of conference and will be assigned a special conference number, which you can use to enter your virtual conference room.
  2. Now you can invite your participants by email or SMS (9,9 Cent (EUR)/message) to inform them about the time, the conference number and the dial-in number to connect to the conference room. Please note: any person in possession of the dial-in number and your conference number can join. Additionally, you can also call people during a conference and make them join the conversation.

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