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Als ich ein Jahr in den USA war, haben meine Eltern und ich immer DCalling benutzt, um zu telefonieren und uns SMS zu schicken. Allein so weit von zu Hause weg zu sein ist manchmal gar nicht so einfach, ich habe mich echt gefreut, dass es DCalling gab.

  Sandra W., 19, Studentin

DCalling Travel – The Roaming Killer

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As a result of roaming fees, the charges for international phone calls often become unforeseeably high. The DCalling Roaming Killer is an easy and reliable way to avoid roaming fees so that you can talk with your business partners, friends or family members as long as you want – from every part of the world.

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You do not have a landline, but would like to be available to others without expensive fees for the caller? Get a DCalling phone number on which you can be called everywhere.