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"My family and my friends are always around me, when I am traveling for business – with DCalling!"

  Cem Özer

Global Availability

Stay in touch with your friends with DCalling. Just forward your phone to the phone you are using abroad via DCalling. Your friends can continue calling your local phone number – and you will be charged according to the prices on the price list.


Please note: you need to use a local connection/SIM card of the country you are staying. Otherwise, roaming charges will occur.


  1. Enable DCalling Call Forward: Log in and click Travel > Call Forwarding. At Caller ID enter the number your contacts should call to reach you. At Destination Number, enter the number of the phone you are using abroad.
  2. Set up call forward on your phone: After entering the numbers, you will be displayed a DCalling landline phone number. Forward the phone you entered at Caller ID to this number. Please activate the call forwarding for ALL calls.


With a flat rate for landline calls, usually no charges from your telephone provider will occur for forwarding a call to a landline phone number. We recommend to ask your provider, if you are not sure. Forwarding a call to your destination number is charged according to the DCalling price list (depending on your destination number).


Your contact is charged for a normal call to the number you saved at “Caller ID”.