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Save Roaming Fees with Cheap International Calls via WLAN

Do you have a web-enabled cell phone or smartphone? If you use DCalling via WLAN from e.g. a hot spot, you don't even need a local SIM card. DCalling offers different ways for making cheap international phone calls via WLAN:

SIP Client: Make Cheap International Calls with the SIP Client via W-LAN

iPhone: 1. Acrobits: Calling with the iPhone via W-LAN
2. Card Caller App: Calling with the iPhone via Dial-in Numbers

Other: Use Fring To Make Cheap International Calls

Make Cheap Phone Calls with DCalling via Mobile Web or WLAN hot spots with the SIP Client

  1. Create a new SIP profile on your cell phone and name it DCalling. Just go to Settings > Connection > SIP settings > New SIP Profile
  2. Enter the following settings for your profile:
    Profile name: DCalling
    Service profile: IETF
    Default access point: none (or user defined)
    Public user name: sip:username@sip.dcalling.de*
    Use compression: no
    Registration: Always on
    Use security: no
  3. Enter the following settings for your proxy:
    Proxy server address: sip:sip.dcalling.de
    Realm: sip.dcalling.de
    User name: user name*
    Password: password*
    Allow loose routing: yes
    Transport type: UDP
    Port: 5060
  4. Set up your registrar server:
    Registrar server address: sip:sip.dcalling.de
    Realm: sip.dcalling.de
    User name: user name*
    Password: password*
    Transport type: UDP
    Port: 5060

* You can find your SIP user name/password after logging in on DCalling at Mobile > VoIP Accounts

Cheap International Calls with Your iPhone

1. Acrobits

You can use the Acrobits iPhone app and enter DCalling as your VoIP provider. Acrobits is a user friendly VoIP/SIP program which enables you to make VoIP phone calls:

Get Acrobits here

  1. Open the Acrobits settings at the top of the menu bar and press the SIP Accounts button
  2. Press the + at the right top of the menu bar.
  3. Your SIP account is set up automatically. Afterwards, you can choose DCalling from the provider list.
  4. You need to enter your SIP/IAX user name and password. To find this data, you need to log in on your DCalling account and go to Travel > VoIP Accounts.
  5. Confirm your selection by pressing the Done button.

Whenever you want to make a call with DCalling, select the Acrobits app and dial the number from your cell phone or enter it manually.

2. Card Caller App

Alternatively you can make cheap calls worldwide with your iPhone with the Card Caller App. You'll find it in the App shop as „Card Caller 3.2“.


And here is how it goes:


You download the app. Then you set up the app quickly and comfortably with just three steps. Therefore you click on „Card Manager“ > „Add a new card“:


  1. As "name" you enter "DCalling"
  2. As "number" you enter an adequate dial-in number (out of the country list in the upper right at "Account Info")
  3. At "Replace Prefix" you enter "00"

Please be sure to always enter as „Number“ a DCalling dial-in number of the country you are located. Si if you are located in Germany, you enter a German dial-in number. You'll find the right dial-in number for your location in the country list in the upper right after loggin in.

You make a call with DCalling by either clicking onto „Keypad“ or onto „Contacts“.

Notice: Your mobile phone number has to be saved in your account at „Phone Numbers“.


Cheap International Phone Calls with Fring

Fring is a little tool that enables your phone to make cheap VoIP calls with your smartphone/web-enabled phone.

Just set up your phone with one click. Log in on DCalling and go to Travel > Fring SIP Client. Enter the requested data (country, your phone number, email) and you will receive an SMS with the link for the DCalling installation file right away.

In very few cases the automatic Fring installation does not work, which means that you need to set up Fring manually:

  1. Go to www.fring.com and install the Fring client on your cell phone
  2. After you have finished the installation go to the Fring homepage, select Account with the "right" key of your cell phone and choose SIP
  3. Go to Other and enter the following data:
    User-ID: SIP user name*
    Password: SIP password*
    Proxy address: sip.dcalling.de

To use Fring with DCalling go to Options > Call > SIP Call and place your call. This is also where you can view your contacts. Please consider that you need to synchronize your cell phone contacts with the Fring contact list.

* You can find your SIP user name/password after logging in on DCalling at Travel > VoIP Accounts.