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"With DCalling I can call my international clients without worrying about charges."

  Eberhard Garen

Call, Hang Up and Enter Destination Number

Call our German callback number. You can hang up as soon as you hear the dialing tone (if you are located outside Central Europe, please let the signal tone ring up to 5 times). You will receive the callback from DCalling within a few seconds. To make sure that the callback can proceed without any problems, please check the following details for the phone number you would like to receive the callback on:

  1. The number must be saved in your DCalling account at Account > Phone Numbers
  2. Your phone number must be transmitted (anonymous phone numbers cannot be called back)

Easy Dialing:

Assign a Speed Dial for Numbers You Are Regularly Calling With DCalling Callback

Go to Online > DNumber and assign a speed dial for frequently called numbers. To call your destination number with DCalling just dial our callback number immediately followed by the desired speed-dial (e.g. callback number-1) and hang up. DCalling will call you back right away and connect you to the phone number you wish to call. You can save the complete number in your phone's address book. Just dial the number from your phone book, hang up and get connected to your destination phone number right away – the perfect solution e.g. when you are trying to initiate a call while you are driving.

Receive a Callback on Any Phone of Your Choice

You do not have to receive the callback on the phone number you used for dialing the callback number. Just dial the callback number + 0 + position number of the phone you would like to receive the callback on (you can find the position number on Account > Phone Numbers).

Callback on Any Phone + Connection to Destination Number

Callback + speed-dial + 0 + position number of your phone (callback number-4-0-2): You receive a callback on the number that is saved on position 2 at Account > Phone Numbers and will be connected with your speed dial 4 right away.

You would like to use this option permanently? Save this number in your phone book to dial it in just one step.