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Als ich ein Jahr in den USA war, haben meine Eltern und ich immer DCalling benutzt, um zu telefonieren und uns SMS zu schicken. Allein so weit von zu Hause weg zu sein ist manchmal gar nicht so einfach, ich habe mich echt gefreut, dass es DCalling gab.

  Sandra W., 19, Studentin

Dial-in and Start Talking

  1. Call our local dial-in number to connect with DCalling.
  2. You will hear our DCalling announcement and be asked to give your destination number. After confirming your destination number with the # key, you can start your cheap conversation using DCalling (PLEASE NOTE: Do not use the green "Dial" key after entering the destination number, or else your call abroad will be charged by your provider).

The charges for your call consist of calling the dial-in number (your phone provider charges local dial-in numbers just like a local call; in case you are using a toll-free/0800 dial-in number, the call will usually be completely charged by DCalling) + connecting to the destination number (charged from your DCalling balance).


  • Toll-free Dial-in Numbers
    Beyond local dial-in numbers, DCalling also has toll-free 0800 numbers. Most phone providers do not charge calling these numbers. We recommend asking your provider for individual charges. The price on our list will be charged from your DCalling balance.
  • Assign a DNumber to frequently called contacts
    Just dial your DNumber and call your contact abroad with the cheap DCalling tariffs right away. The DNumber consists of the dial-in number and the corresponding speed-dial of your contact, which you can define at Account > DNumber. The DNumber is the perfect option for all phone numbers you are calling on a regular basis. Dial the DNumber directly or save it in your phone's address book. Calling the DNumber establishes two connections: one to the dial-in number and another to your destination number. The complete charges by DCalling are announced before every conversation by default. Additional charges by your provider, e.g. in case you do not have a flat rate for national phone numbers, are not included in the announcement.
  • DCalling from Any Phone
    You can use DCalling from any phone by entering your secret card number. Just log in on DCalling to find your card number. If you do not want to enter the card number every time you place a call, we recommend saving all phone numbers you are using for DCalling in your DCalling account at Account > Phone Numbers. You do not have access to the Internet? Just press 1 after entering the card number and your phone number is saved.