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Geschäftsführer DCalling ist für mich und meine Mitarbeiter die perfekte Lösung für preiswerte und hochwertige Telefongespräche. Gut war auch, dass man so einfach und schnell alles für unsere Firmenhandys einrichten konnte.

  Bernd K., 28

DCalling Fax

DCalling allows you to send cheap faxes to any country in the world. Just log in on www.dcalling.com, go to Fax and click on “Send Fax”.

You will be asked to enter the following data:

  • Fax Name (will only be displayed in your DCalling Fax history, not on the fax itself)
  • Your Fax ID (anonymous or previously activated fax number)
  • Fax ID of recipient or saved contact from address book
  • Upload PDF
  • Time when the fax is to be sent

Confirm your data by clicking on “Send Fax”.

Rates for Faxing

The costs for sending cheap faxes with DCalling calculate as follows:
3 x destination fee x number of pages + 1,9 Cent (basic charge)

Please note that you can find the prices for all destinations on our price list.

To give an example, the charges for faxing 2 pages to the USA are:

3 x 1.9 Cent (fee to the USA) x 2 (number of pages) + 1.9 Cent (basic charge) = 13.3 Cents

Additional Options for Sending Faxes:

My Fax Number
With DCalling, you can display any existing fax number as the sender ID. Just activate your fax number in advance:

  1. Go to Fax > My Fax Numbers and enter your fax number
  2. Click on “Activate” and confirm the sending of the activation fax
  3. You will receive the activation fax on the given number. Please note that this process might take several minutes.
  4. Enter the code given on the activation fax and click on “Activate”.

Now your fax number is activated and can be used to send cheap faxes worldwide.

Fax Recipients
Frequently used fax numbers can be saved at Fax > Fax Recipients, so that you do not always need to type in the desired number. You can also download your recipient list as a CSV file by clicking on the "Download" button. 

Fax History
At “Fax History” you have an overview of all your sent faxes including the fax name, date, time, fax sender ID (anonymous or activated), PDF (available anytime) and status of the fax.