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DCalling Free Conference

Use DCalling to make worldwide conference calls with up to 25 participants. The participation in a telephone conference is completely free of charge. However, please consider the charges for calling the conference dial-in number (German or Austrian landline) by your provider. In case you or your conference participants have a flatrate/unlimited calling for German/Austrian landline, the conference dial-in number is also free of charge.

Setup for Simple Conference

Log in on www.dcalling.com and go to Conference > Add Conference. Here you can schedule a conference and see the conference dial-in number. After you have entered the time and date of your conference, DCalling assigns a conference number for you. Feel free to send your participants an email or a text message (9,9 Cent (EUR)/SMS) with the exact time and dial-in information for your conference. All your participants have to do is call the conference dial-in number. They will be welcomed by the DCalling system and asked for the number of your conference room.

You may also select “Permanent Conference” to create a permanent conference room to which you can connect anytime by entering the conference number.

You can set up 10 conferences as well as 1 permanent conference at the same time.

Additional Options for DCalling Free Conference

Conference owner

The Conference owner can set up and manage conferences with the help of the conference menu. There are three different conference types: Permanent conference, Simple conference and Detailed conference. Based on your selected type, you can choose the following settings:

  • Language (German or English)
  • Conference name
  • Conference moderator: can enter the conference with a moderator PIN that has to be defined by the conference owner in advance (see #3 for Moderator options)
  • Participants: require a PIN (has to be defined by conference owner in advance) when entering the conference room, announcing of the participant's name when entering the conference room (in that case, the user has to record his name before entering the room), listen only, wait for Moderator
  • Limit amount of participants (25 max)
  • Maximal conference time
  • Repeat conference on selected days, e.g. for weekly meetings

Invite participants during a conference

You can invite more participants at any point of time during a conference. Log in on DCalling, go to Conference > Current Conferences and click on the corresponding conference number. You can see a live illustration of your conference and the participants' phone numbers. At the bottom part of the page you can enter the phone numbers of further participants and make them join the conversation during the conference. Just click on the “Invite” button and DCalling will add the participants to the conversation as soon as they pick up their phone. The connection to the additional participants will be charged entirely from the conference holder's DCalling account. The price/minute corresponds to the destination of the  participants and can be viewed in your call history anytime.

At Conference > Current Conferences you can also view and edit information on past and future conferences, i.e. conference names, numbers, as well as start and end dates.

Conference participants

To change the sound settings during the phone conference, participants have access to a voice menu by pressing the * key:

1. Mute/unmute
4. Increase volume of conference
6. Decrease volume of conference
7. Increase own volume
9. Decrease own volume
8. End conference

Conference moderator

Conference moderators can also enter the voice menu by pressing the * key and do the following:

1. Mute/unmute
2. Lock/unlock conference (in case a conference is locked, no further participants can enter the conference room)
3. Disconnect latest participant from conference
4. Increase volume of conference
5. Decrease volume of conference
6. Add participant to conference
7. Increase own volume
9. Decrease own volume
8. End Conference