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How should I proceed, when I cannot reach the dial-in number?

Lately several mobile providers in Germany, like Eplus and O2, have blocked access to our DCalling dial-in numbers.

How can I tell that my dial-in number has been blocked by my provider?

If the dial-in number is blocked by your provider, you will hear a busy signal or an announcement that the number is not reachable from your network.

What do I have to do, if my dial-in number has been blocked by my provider?

If your dial-in number has been blocked, please check the homepage of your DCalling login-area. Often we have already reassigned a new dial-in number to your account.

If at any time your dial-in number in your login-area is not reachable from your mobile, please contact our DCalling support. You can reach our support team via telephone +49 221 17739610 or you can send an email to

We would like to stress the fact again that those blockings are not caused by an error or error in our systems. This is a matter of intentional blockings by the mobile network providers. If you like to file a complain, please contact the customer support of your mobile network provider.

However, we very sorry and would like to apologise for any inconveniences.

Kind regards,
Your Dcalling Support