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New Design for DCalling!

Some of our users might already have noticed it – our DCalling website has a wonderful new design!

So what's new? To give a better overview about our service, all DCalling features are now grouped in clearly-arranged product packages. Additionally, we have completely rearranged our help pages and added a search functionality to provide a fast and easy way to find answers for any question regarding our service. Would you like to get to know the people behind DCalling? Meet our team at the new "About DCalling" section.

As such, the usage of our services has not changed, so you do not need to readjust any of your settings.

We have been working owith a lot of energy and passion to make our website more appealing and user-friendly. Feel free to have a look at everything – we are excited about your feedback! Just email us to or give us a call +49 (0) 221 177 396 10.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a great new year 2011.

Your DCalling Support Team