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Price reduction for local dial-in numbers + toll-free dial-in numbers for Norway, Czech Republic

Good news for all customers, who use DCalling with a local dial-in number: from now on, no charges by DCalling for calling local dial-in numbers (dial-in numbers starting with a local area code) will apply. For calling local dial-in numbers you will be charged by your provider only.

There are local DCalling dial-in numbers for the following countries (+0 Cent (EUR)/Minute):











United Kingdom


Additionally, we have now activated toll-free dial-in numbers in Norway 800-17038 (+16.99 Cent (EUR)/Min) and Czech Republic 800-143826 (+9.99 Cent (EUR)/Min).

Please note our information on how toll-free dial-in numbers are charged: the price you can see next to the dial-in numbers refers to the charges by DCalling and not to the charges by your provider. 800/toll-free phone numbers are free by most telephone providers.

We recommend to contact your provider directly and ask for the charges on the dial-in number you would like to use. Unfortunately, as a consequence of the variety of providers and prices on the international telecommunication business, we can not make any general statements regarding those costs.

You can find all DCalling dial-in numbers after logging in on

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or at 0049 (0)221 177 39610 (Monday-Friday 10-6 pm).

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